Whisky tours to Scotland

Do you want to travel to Scotland and go on an awesome Whisky Tour, visiting your favourite distilleries?

Every second or third year or so, I organise a bespoke “Ultimate Whisky Tour to Scotland”, arranging VERY special visits to some of Scotland’s finest distilleries.  You’ll see and taste things on this trip that you’ll NEVER get the chance to do under your own steam or with any tour.

However, the catch is that (a) the tour is only for 10 people; (b) it’s exclusively for Australian members of the Scotch Malt Whisky Society, and (c) it’s only held every three years.

So what do you do in the meantime?  The answer is simple:  Get in touch with my very good friends at Scottish Routes.   Scottish Routes may not be the biggest tour company in Scotland, but IMHO, they are the best.  Scottish Routes organise their own custom Whisky Tours to both Speyside and Islay all throughout the year (although particularly in the summer months) where you’ll see around Scotland; see and hear all about the history, the culture, and the characters, and – most importantly – you’ll experience some wonderful visits and tastings at some famous and very popular distilleries!

And if you’d prefer not to go on a group tour, or you’d prefer to organise your own itinerary, they’re only too happy to arrange and host your own private tour for you.

Don’t agonise over where to go or how to do it – relax and let the good folks at Scottish Routes give you a whisky holiday you’ll never forget.

Check them out at www.scottishroutes.com

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