Teeling Single Malt NAS & the Teeling Silver Reserve 21yo

Fans of Irish Whiskey should by now be no stranger to the name Teeling.  The Teeling name and family claims distilling heritage back to 1782 when Walter Teeling set up his distillery in Dublin.  However, things get more interesting if you fast forward two centuries to 1987, when John Teeling established Cooley Distillery and instantly changed the landscape of the Irish whiskey industry at that time.  The number of whiskey distilleries in Ireland had fallen from over 100 in 1886 to just two survivors by 1970.  Cooley was not just a breath of fresh air, but an injection of life, independence, new thinking, and new styles of whiskey into the Irish industry.  When Cooley eventually sold to Beam Inc. in 2011, the stage was set for John Teeling to start another chapter in his life, going on to form the Irish Whiskey Company with a group of investors, including his two sons, Jack & Stephen Teeling.  Whilst that company is currently focussing on converting an old brewery in Dundalk into a distillery, brothers Jack & Stephen have formed their own company, Teeling Whiskey Company, and set about bringing out new whiskies for the public to enjoy.

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